13 Weird & Wonderful ways to make extra cash from your home and you don’t even have to sell it!


Our friends at Go Compare have created an amazing interactive house tour on how you can make extra cash from your home. 


In a rush? Here are 13 surprising highlights.


1.    Rent out your roof by installing solar panels for free and any extra energy can be sold by the supplier.

2.    Rent out your unused space with us at Storemates to those who need storage.  You could make £200-£300 a month.  Try Storemates.co.uk

3.    Rent out your spare room and share your homeTry Airbnb.com and Spareroom.co.uk

4.    Make stuff if you fancy yourself as a creative bean by making handmade cosmetic such as soaps.  Try Etsy.com

5.    Sell your pictures if you think, like me - you’re the next David Bailey especially if you have or can take good quality pictures of food and holiday snaps.  Try istockphoto.com or 123rf.com

6.    Make money online via competitions, taking surveys or using cashback sites or even peer-to-peer lending.  Try Topcashback.com or Zopa.com

7.    Host a product party if you consider yourself as the host/hostess with the mostess - socialise with friends while pocketing a bit of cash for yourself.  Try Moneymagpie.com

8.    Become a pop-up restaurant and test your culinary skills.  Try Eatwith.com or Cookening.com

9.    Pet boarding - who would have thought!  Look after a pet or get a pet to keep your pet company.  Try Pawshake.co.uk

10. Rent out your stuff such as your drill and those items cluttering your cupboards that you hardly use.  Try Rentmyitems.com

11. Advertise on your car – who knew!  Try Carquids.com or Usethatspace.com

12. Rent out your car or you can share a lift and share the cost of petrol.  Try Liftshare.com or Gocarshare.co.uk

13. Rent out your drive/parking space especially if you’re not using it.  Try Justpark.com or Yourparkingspace.co.uk



For more information on how to make savings from your home please click here.