3 Ways Our Storemates Can Support The Nepal Relief Effort


by Rishma Janmohamed


It’s true that storage is our main concern, usually, but what about those who, through no fault of their own, have been left with no material possessions, no home and no food? The crisis unfolding in Nepal, is one such instance. Thousands have been left destitute and Aid agencies are struggling to cope with the scale of this disaster. And it continues to unfold…


With an estimated loss of over 5,500 lives, 11,000 injured and 2.8 million children in need of help, numbers which are growing by the day, Nepal’s population of 8 million have all been affected with over 70,000 homes destroyed. We believe that those who participate in the sharing economy are fundamentally community spirited, keenly aware of humanitarian issues and care about the environment.


The Storemates team have come up with 3 ways in which our Storemates can donate to support the relief effort.


1. You can donate via Help Nepal which has vetted and approved 7 charities working on the ground.


2.  Donate via Disaster Emergencies Committee which is a partnership with a number of charities.  Find out more here.


3. Donate via HPV-Nepal (via Just Giving) with an extra 25% Gift Aid and they even add a 3% supplement to your donation.


Our team at Storemates have each donated whatever we could, individually, and we urge you to do the same. Please give as little or as much as you can afford to help the people of Nepal this Bank Holiday.