6 Quick Wins: Get More Bookings For Your Storage Space


We want to help give your storage listing a boost so you can get even more bookings.  Maybe it has been a while since you looked at your listing. 


Here are our 6 Top Tips to help you get more bookings.


 1.   Add a photo and even a video. This helps those storage seekers really see what your space will look like.Those listings with videos and pictures get more bookings.


 2.   Update your profile. It's all about trust! Getting to know the person you store with is as important as the space itself. It's vital that people browsing storage space feel that you are trust worthy; so make sure you put a friendly description of yourself to go with that lovely picture of you. 


Also add as much information about your space to the storage description so people can imagine their belongings being safe and secure in your nice storage space.


 3.   Sign up to eRated. We also now use 'eRated' which gives you the option of displaying your positive ratings from other sites such as AirbnbLinkedIn and ebay as part of your Storemates profile. This helps people know that they can trust you based on your overall online reputation. Sign up by clicking on the link on your profile page.


4.   Advertise all the space sizes you can accommodate. For example, if you have an XL space this means you should also advertise your space as XS, S, M and L which will attract even more visitors to your space.


5.  Check your price is right?  Use our suggested prices and also check to see what other users are charging in your area. You want to make sure you are not pricing your space out of the market.


6.  Become a premium member. By paying just a one-off payment £5.99 you can become a premium lister. This allows you to prominently highlight your space to Storage Seekers. Your listing will stand out boldly from all other listings and will rank top of all search lists. We even give £1 to the End Youth Homelessness campaign with Centrepoint.


So what are you waiting for...log in and update your listing with Storemates now!