6 Top Tips to Spring Clean Your Life!


by Rishma Janmohamed


Now Spring is here it’s time to throw open those windows and spring clean your life and get some fresh energy back into your day. 


Six Top Tips to Spring Clean Your Life!



1. Clean it up. Air it out!:  The dust and debris from the last few months has been long deprived of natural sunlight and is forming a fine layer on every single thing you own. Clean it up, dust room by room, top to bottom, throw open the windows and breathe some fresh new life into your stagnant rooms! This will improve your air quality, breathing and sense of well being.


2. Sort it through:  Just because it’s always been there, does that mean it has to stay? That style and colour is soooo last year and who even uses   DVD’s any more. Sort out your stuff into piles to dump, to store or donate to charity. Decluttering in this way will also help you free some head space for some important daydreaming!


3. Give it away:  Believe it or not, there’s someone who could put your old stuff to good use and you can be green too. Advertising on Freecycle, eBay and Preloved means that you can arrange for someone to collect your unwanted furniture, old tools and even videos and cassettes, without any hassle!


4. Store it aside:  Most of the stuff that we have lying around is only used seasonally.  Winter duvets, camping equipment and that wonky plastic Christmas tree can all be stored away until they are needed again. Signing up to Storemates means you can free up valuable household space and store your stuff with a local neighbour and for half the price of self storage.


5. Replace and renew it:  Sort out your winter wardrobe and pack it away too.  Summer is coming to an area near you soon…so get your summer   wardrobe sorted.  Recycle, refresh or replace those items from yester year. Anything you don't need you can 'swish it' at many of the ever increasing events where you can swap good quality clothes.


6. Finally spend more time outdoors:  In the garden, park or even in the countryside, appreciating all the things you don't need except the spring air in your lungs and the warmer days brightening your smile. You may need an umberella though - it is the UK after all!  Some things are not worth storing away - just in case!


As you know, Storemates have teamed up with their charity partner, Centrepoint, so that a pound is donated to the End Youth Homelessness campaign, for every premium storage listing created. We are hoping to raise £1000 in 2015. Registering is just another way of supporting our cause plus you could save or earn up to £2,000 a year too!  For more information on how to register, please see here.