A Comparison Site for the Sharing Economy

Guest blog by By Benita Matofska, Chief Sharer and Founder of The People Who Share  and Compare and Share.

Just like Money Supermarket and Go Compare, the Sharing Economy will soon have its own comparison website.

Compareandshare.com (C&S) is the world’s first comparison marketplace & aggregator of the Sharing Economy and once fully established will be the go to place for buying & selling second hand goods, swapping goods, group buying and renting items.

We aim to open and facilitate the Sharing Market in the same way eBay opened up the second-hand goods market. We’ve already started with car sharing, and have 6 car & ride sharing sites offering services through our user friendly portal.

The sharing economy just like ecommerce before it, is growing in strength and is set to be the hot new global trend as people realize they can save money and the environment by renting or sharing rather than engaging in resource heavy hyper consumption.

64% of UK adults have engaged in at least one sharing activity in 2013, which is a 5% increase over 2012. Car & ride sharing shows high use already with 17.9mn Britons having shared a ride, and an additional 17.7mn considering it. 2 million have used a car sharing scheme.

Peer to Peer rental and house swapping is another promising category with 3.2mn Britons having booked or offered accommodation at someone else’s/their home and with 1.2mn Britons having participated in a house swap already (source: Opinium). 

These high potential uptake figures for UK consumers alone show that sharing is making its way into the mainstream, with travel related categories at the forefront.

We're opening up the Sharing Economy in the same way that eBay opened up the second-hand goods, it’s time to get involved!

Benita Matofska

Compare and Share are now seeking to fully develop their site and are seeking investment to help open up the sharing economy to the masses.

For as little as £10 you can invest in Compare and Share in return for a percentage equity stake via innovative crowd funding site seedrs.com which is regulated by thev FSA and allows investors to benefit from SEIS tax relief on their investment.

To find out more, check out their details here