Fall in love with your Special Treasures this Valentine's Day


What sentimental Special Treasures do you have?

- Your child’s first painting?

- Your first valentine's gift or albums of old lovers?

- Your school reports or old certificates?

- Your old art work

Whatever your special stuff is….extra space on Valentine's Day could significantly improve your mental and physical state.  Your physical environment is a reflection of your present mindset and what you are experiencing right now.

So, here are 5 sweet thoughts about how storing vs. binning your stuff improves your life....on Valentine's Day!


1. Recovered sentimental items stored with a neighbour allows you to take a step down memory lane in the future!

Imagine going through your precious 80s Vinyl collection again or reimagining yourself as captain of your school football team. Even though you lost every game you still have the kit the loser medals and the memories. Priceless!


2. You're able to review "How you've changed as a person."

You can see how you have changed physically and mentally!  Those old diaries of your teenage crushes and university sweethearts make you cringe and reminiscent all at the same time.  Of course you were the height of fashion in the 80s with that poodle perm and shoulder pads – you had to be there obviously as the pictures clearly show!


3. You can show future family generations your childhood memories.

Your first Connect 4 game you treasured all those years , never lost a piece and always won of course! These are memories you would like to share with the children in your family when they are old enough. You can beat them too.


4. Storing things now allows you space for now rather than the past.  Live in the moment!

Maybe you don’t need to keep all the photos and gifts from your childhood sweethearts so they are always available.  lt is great though to remember those sweet moments from your youth and dig out your first Valentine's Card and plastic rose from an old school crush from time to time.


5. Items in the bin can't be recovered unlike items stored away with a trusted neighbour!

Those pictures from your abstract art class were brilliant in your eyes but obviously your art is ahead of its time – clearly!  Therefore it’s best to put it away until the time is right.


Yes, it takes more time to carefully pack and label your things to store them away but isn't it better than throwing away those life long memories? So feel the love for those special treasures and find them a new home, safe for the future!