Get Ready for Global Sharing Day 2 June 13!

Miranda Hart

This Sunday sees the launch of Global Sharing Day organised by the ‘People Who Share'. On 2nd June up to 60 million people in over a 140 countries will take part in activities to promote the exciting emergence of the ‘Sharing Economy’. This year the theme is food sharing and people around the world will be encouraged to come together and share food as a symbol of unity and as a way to discourage food waste. 15 million tonnes of food are wasted in the every year, much of which could have been shared with the 4 million people who live in food poverty in the UK.

They hope to break the world record for the most amount of people food sharing in one day.

To sign up and get involved visit their site

The Sharing Economy: bigger than the Industrial Revolution?

With the launch of Global Sharing Day, Founder Shaff Prabatani finds out more about the rise of the sharing economy.

Research just released by sharing activists ‘The People Who Share’ have given us a fascinating insight into the new global movement, including its growth and what motivates people to take part.

As a tie in with their record breaking attempt to get the world to food share for a day, their survey of 2005 people discovered that Miranda Hart was the person people most wanted to share a meal with (!), Barack Obama is their favourite politician to have a meal with, whilst the leaders of the Conservative and Labour parties – David Cameron and Ed Miliband – are the UK’s least favourite celebrities to share a meal with.

Storemates & Global Sharing Day 2nd June 2013 The report also highlights some interesting facts about the global sharing economy, now valued at GBP 330 billion globally and GBP 22.4 billion in the UK. Incredibly this is 1.3% of GDP and predicted to rise to 15% within 5 years. This includes everything from selling second hand items, lift sharing, clothes swapping to renting out space in your loft. Some political and economic commenter’s predict that this new sector will have the biggest impact on society since the Industrial Revolution!

Benita Matofska, CEO of the People Who Share says:

“UK consumers who currently share are benefiting from GBP 4.6 billion worth of savings or earnings. Consumers are now making and saving money through sharing, or renting with their friends and neighbours. According to this research, those that share can benefit up to GBP 400 per year per person, with some benefiting from the Sharing Economy as much as GBP 5,000 per year”

The report also highlights the UKs top 3 sharing activities which are selling or buying second hand goods, sharing a ride and sharing food. It also found that:


More than half (51%) of UK adults have bought or sold second hand goods, with a further one in three (31%) who would consider it and only 13% who are unlikely to or would never do this.

  • Interestingly a higher proportion (57%) of females have bought or sold second hand goods compared to males (44%).
  • Swapping goods either online or at a “swapmeet”, has been tried by just under 1 in 10 UK adults (9%), but seems to be on the rise as almost 6 out of 10 Britons could see themselves swapping especially with companies like Marks & Spencers organising ‘Shwopping’ campaigns.
  • So with over 33 million Brits already sharing, and a further 14 million considering it, consumers are sharing to save or earn money, to help people in their neighbourhood and because it benefits the environment. This is no longer a niche activity, it’s now part of how people live their lives.


For more facts you can read the report here:

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