Helping you make and save money in 2015 with Storemates & friends

We hope your 2015 is going well so far. Have you already sneaked a few chocolates and given up on the jogging? 

Well in case you missed them over Christmas, these 12 little tips are perfect resolutions you can keep this year - and they could help you earn up to £30,000 a year! Share more, save more and have an even better 2015.


​1: Turn your cupboard into cash by providing cheap self storage

Clear out that spare room, loft or cupboard under your stairs and start earning from it. Using Storemates to rent out your space could earn you up to £200 per month, enough to pay for all those Christmas presents you bought. If you havent already, sign up today and follow us @StorematesUK


2: Clear out your clutter and rent out your rooms 

Clear the clutter, meet people from around the world and get paid for it. Earn some extra cash by hosting guests with Airbnb.  You can rent out a spare bedroom or even your entire home with Airbnb.

​Find out more about hosting here and follow them on Twitter @Airbnb_UK


3: Swap your home with someone across the world

Exchange homes with someone by choosing from over 60,000 places around the world. Love Home Swap links you up with holiday seekers keen to stay in your home in exchange for theirs. This could help you save on the costs of your holiday. Join them by signing up here. Follow them on Twitter @LoveHomeSwap


4: Share a lift with others and cut down your transport costs

  If you need help getting around throughout the year, use  Liftshare lets drivers cut petrol costs by sharing rides with others, while non-drivers can accept lifts to get around, cutting their transport costs. Follow them on Twitter @Liftshare


5: Rent out your parking space

  If you have a parking space you don't use, rent it out with JustPark.  If you use you can also save money as it can cost up to 70% less than paying on the day saving you parking fees.

You can list your space at, or follow them at @JustPark.


​6: Earn money by lending your money to others who need it

  With RateSetter you can lend your money to people who need it and get your cash working harder. 

For more insight please follow them @RateSetter


7: Find a housesitter for your home or pets or become a housesitter

  With help home / pet owners you can find perfect housesitters who care for your home and pets when you go away – for free.  You can also use this when you go on holiday which will cut down your accommodation costs. They are offering a special offer where you can join for less than £5 per month with the promotional code NewYear25 which is valid until 9/1/15.

Their Twitter handle is @housesitting – use #trustedhousesitters and #housesitting


8: Use Compare and Share to get the best deals

  Check out and tap into the Sharing Economy where you can book a summer holiday at a fraction of the price and make new friends. Follow them at @compareandshare


9: Use eRated to get more interest in your listings on sites like eBay and Storemates

  If you are new to Storemates or other marketplaces you can get more interest in your listings by using eRated.  eRated allows you to use your existing online reputation and reviews from other sites like Airbnb, amazon and ebay into the new account you're using, like Storemates, making you more trustworthy.

Find out more at and follow them on twitter @eRated_co


10. Use RentMyItems to make money, save money and be green

  By using RentMyItems you can make money from items you have by renting them. You can also use RentMyItems to save money so you can rent and not buy items you hardly use. Not only does this make sense, but you can make money, save money and space and be green.

Become a renter or rentee at here and follow along at @rentmyitems.


11. Use BlaBlaCar to cut your transport costs by earning money from your empty seats

  Use BlaBlaCar, a car ridesharing service which connects drivers with empty seats to passengers travelling the same way. Drivers offer their empty seats on BlaBlaCar, which passengers can book for a cheap price! Download the app for Android and iOS!

Follow them on Twitter @BlaBlaCarUK


12. Holiday like a local with Airbnb and save money on hotels too!

  Rent unique places to stay from local hosts in 190+ countries with Airbnb.  


 Book your next holiday home with Airbnb here Tweet them @Airbnb_UK


Last chance! Just a few days left to take part in Storemates Challenge with prizes!

Tell us how you have used our top tips for your New Year Resolutions by 7th January 2015 Send us a tweet @StorematesUK or email at  The 3 best responses will win a prize!


Winners will receive :-
1) Free premium storage listing for a year from us at Storemates
2) Copy of Lucy Tobin's book "Ausperity : Live The life you want for Less" kindly provided by RentMyItems
3) Annual membership to Trustedhousesitters worth over £70.


P.S. Read how we are helping to End Youth Homelesness nationally with our new partner Centrepoint who are leading the national End Youth Homeless campaign here


Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015 from all of us at Storemates