Holiday like a local in 2013

OK so you've decluttered your space with the help of Storemates, and you are loving your space. So much so, you want to show it off and share it with everyone.  So why not save on your holiday budget at the same time?

Despite the recent freezing temperatures, the enormous popularity of the UK means that you don’t need to live in a five bedroom mansion in Hampstead to swap your home with someone wanting a slice of British life willing to share their luxury villa in the South of Spain or Thailand.

House swapping is the new way to holiday, and this weeks guest blog from Jenny Conway from the LoveHomeSwap team shows us the five best things about holidaying like a local….

Storemates LoveHomeSwap photo of Thailand home swap

Gorgeous luxury beachfront villa in Koh Samui, Thailand


Home swapping is fast becoming the new way of travelling for 2013. We’ve found that home exchanges have more than doubled in popularity between 2011 and 2012 – rising from 1.6 million to 3.3 million Brits who are home swapping for their holidays.

Here are our top five benefits from home swapping:

1.  Home away from home

As opposed to staying in hotel rooms or holiday villas, home swapping is a chance to say in real and stunning homes with the enjoyment of comforts and conveniences in your home away from home.

2. Location

Instead of sticking to the tourist destinations, a home swap means you can holiday like a local! The chance to enjoy local attractions and cuisines without having to pay the tourist prices!

3. Cost savings

The key factor in the rising popularity of home swapping is the considerable cost savings. With the majority of holiday budgets spent on accommodation, home exchange means more Brits are able to afford holidays.

Storemates Blog - Love Home Swap

Maybe the Frenchest apartment in the heart of Paris

4. Great use of second homes

Home swapping can be done simultaneously or non- simultaneously. The concept is really popular with exchanging second homes or vacation properties as dates can be flexible and longer swaps are easier to arrange.

5. Bring the kids Home swapping is of huge benefit for those who are travelling with kids, it provides families with a fully equipped and comfortable home and also offers a chance to stay away from busy and crowded tourist hotspots for the chance to enjoy a relaxing family holiday.

Here at Love Home Swap, we have more than 35,000 homes in over 150 countries with our popular country destinations being Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland and the U.S ad favourite city breaks London, Paris and New York.


Time to escape the Arctic Easter we are experiencing? Check out the site, and enjoy holidaying with a difference!