Same Name, brand new site!




1) Click "Login" and select "forgotten my password"
2) You will be prompted to enter your email address
3) Follow through the steps and you will be ready to go with your new password! (It can be the same as your old one)

IMPORTANT: For all storage listers, you will need to update your listings in order to activate the GoCardless payment system.


1) Under "My Account", click "My Storage" and then click "Edit" for a listing
2) Update the info, such as what it is suitable for, check size and price, and click submit to re-list your storage. This will take you to the GoCardless page
3) Fill in the form and follow the instruction on the GoCardless page. Please note: You will be considered a "Merchant" by GoCardless and you will need to select "Individual". GoCardless requires a passport or driving license number for verification purposes which you will need to supply. Finally, on the question of “How many payments could we have helped you collect last month?” you will need to select “0-100”
4) Your listing should now be re-listed!

If you have more than one storage listing, you only need to do this once for all your listings as the GoCardless is linked to your account, not the individual listing


“As our case is new, we must think and act anew” - Abraham Lincoln

With this in mind, welcome to our brand new website! It’s been six months of designing, testing, tweaking, rebuilding and it’s finally here. Storemates, storage for real people by real people.


What’s New?

There has been countless changes to the new site. Visual improvements, a greater focus on user experience as well as a brand new payment system.

We’re very happy with the new look and feel of the site, keeping with our original colour scheme and reducing all that unnecessary text! During the design process we adapted the concept of “less is more” and edited our pages to have clearer sections, hopefully, this makes the site much easier to view and use.

You could say #Storemates #decluttered the old site!

  Storage Seekers!

One of our changes included adding a new algorithm to our advance search function, making it easier to search for listings local to you. The idea of keeping a simple user experience consisting of logging in, finding what you need and with a couple of clicks be ready to get rid of those old Christmas decorations still lying around from last year.

   Storage Providers! 

For all you listers out there, we looked at the feedback and made listing your space even faster.  By largely replacing description fields with ‘tick box’ options, we have reduced the time it takes to list a space significantly. If you already have a listing, please edit and update it to make sure you take advantage of the new features.

Our most important change is the brand new payment system. We have teamed up with GoCardless to make the exchange of money safer, simpler and smarter. This means, you will no longer need to arrange days to collect money or create direct debits with your fellow storemates. The site will handle all transactions meaning we will automatically credit your accounts with the correct earnings. 


Our promise to you

Storemates Protection Guarantee

Anyone who uses our payment system and has a signed storage agreement in place will be automatically enrolled into our Storemates Protection Guarantee, which will act as a safety net for those worried about their property or belongings.

(Please note: If you currently have a storage arrangement in place, we recommend you contact your storemate and rebook the same arrangement through the new website to qualify for the Storemates Protection Guarentee).


This covers both storage providers and seekers for: 

  • Theft
  • Damages - to both stored items as well as the space hosted by the lister
  • To the value of £10,000


At no additional cost?

We can say with complete confidence that there are no additional or hidden costs paid for this protection. It is taken from our small cut of the transaction. We want your items to be safe and secure. You will be automatically enrolled into this Guarantee once signed up*

*subject to T&C's


Our 15 minutes of fame

It’s been a few weeks now, but we have received great feedback from our BBC exposure on Real Storage Wars. According to the lively documentary, if you are using Storemates it really does feel like you are revolutionizing the self-storage industry!

Click here if you missed our feature.


Want to feature on the site?

We would love to hear of your experiences using our new site.  If you are using Twitter please make sure you #storemates or #loveyourspace. We will pick at random, 3 or 4 testimonials to feature on our site. We will contact you before they go live.


And that’s a wrap!

It has been an exciting six months working on the new site. We are a small team, looking to create opportunities for communities across the UK to benefit from another smarter, greener, low cost alternative to the big commercial companies. With your involvement Storemates will continue to innovate within the storage industry. 


We also have a special thank you to a few people who supported us by very kindly giving up their spare time to give us feedback and ideas for our new site. Their contribution was incredibly helpful and we would like to whole-heartedly thank; Kat Jarratt, Alan Killip, Megan Morgan, Justin de Deney, Louise Ware, Kala Prabatani, Louise Simonsen, Dawn Newton, Jay Bryan, Swen Nicolaus and Yazz Alzubadi.


Finally, if there is anything you want us to blog about, whether it is “How to make space?” “What to keep and what to get rid off?”, “Tips and Tricks?”  just get in touch and see your ideas come alive in a future blogs! Drop us an email to