Shhh! Please do not reveal these Money Making Secrets...

At Storemates, we are all about sharing, so we have put together all the tips and secrets we’ve learned into a FREE e-book!

The ‘Sharing Economy’ has been growing and is now booming across the globe. There’s so many weird, wonderful, and wacky money saving ideas out there we wanted to get them all down into one easy to read e-book. Whether you want to boost your income or just tighten your belt, sit back, and have a read through these unbelievably clever ways of putting more pounds back in your pocket.

The e-book has been created to bring you 101 ideas in logical chapters so you can quickly find the ideas that will work for you. Each of the ideas gives you an estimate on how much you could save and the website links to find the information to get started.

Sharing and Renting Your Stuff… all about swapping your home for holiday accommodation, renting out your wardrobe and sharing your car. You can even rent your home out for a film shoot or just as temporary office space.

Making money online…

…is packed full of ideas for making money whilst sat on your sofa with your laptop. All you need is an internet connection and some time and you could be earning cash. There are ways to earn money just doing the normal things you do on the web such as surfing or shopping.

Shop Smarter…

…helps you to save money whilst shopping on the high street and online and makes you consider where you shop, what you shop for and what price you should pay.

Cutting Down… one of the most comprehensive chapters in the book. It covers everything from smoking to bottled water, from your Gym membership to your TV viewing choices. The eBook estimates how much money you could save by switching your habits and cutting back on a few of the luxuries we take for granted. You’ll be amazed how quickly it adds up.

Making your own stuff…

…guides you on what items that you consume now could be made with a little effort; make-up, plants and getting into DIY are among the ideas explained in this chapter.

Saving with Kids…

Have you ever wondered how much using disposable nappies costs versus cloth one, our e-book estimates the switch could save your over £1200 a year, that’s just one of the easy ways to save money we’ve researched for you.

Saving on Transport….

…by booking earlier and smarter there are a vast amount of ways to save money on getting from A-B. Shopping around for your fuel and insurance can put a serious number of pounds back in your pocket.

There are further chapters on saving money including Selling your Stuff and Saving Energy and many more but hopefully we have whet your appetite enough to download our book and read through all the ideas. The only real dilemma will be where to start saving or earning the money first.

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