The ‘Storage Revolution’ has arrived!

Since we officially launched Storemates at the beginning of this year, we have been thrilled with the enthusiastic response from the public and the media. You may have seen us in the national press and TV celebrating the benefits of communities coming together to sort out their storage arrangements. Check out our press page for some examples.

We’ve been surprised. We thought that it would take a lot of persuading to get people to open up their households to ‘strangers with clutter’ but these storage pioneers have proved us wrong. Motivated by our green, ethical, collaborative principles or simply the desire to earn enough to pay the phone bill - hundreds of eager households from all over the UK who have enthusiastically listed their lofts, garages, sheds and spare rooms as storage space.

What we do know is that this represents a sea change in recent consumer behaviour. We’ve seen an exciting movement of new internet companies emerge that have encouraged users to share, swap, lend, rent or borrow goods and services from one another thereby reducing the unnecessary wastage of mass consumerism.

Ten years ago I’m not sure you would have had people using ’made up’ user names buying high value second hand items on a site regulated only by user reviews (, or people opening up their homes to travelling strangers looking for a cheap place to stay (;, renting out their treasured vehicles or even people cutting out the entire banking industry by lending and borrowing money peer to peer with excellent interest rates and minimal risk of default .

This exciting shift in consumer behaviour built on trust and community is known collectively as ‘Collaborative Consumption’ and consumers everywhere are re-establishing the values of community trading. And we’re proud that Storemates is part of the new ‘Sharing Economy’. Find out more here and check out our Useful links page where you can find over 70 examples of UK based services that enable users to share, rent, swap and barter their way through the economic downturn.