Storemates Joins Forces with Centrepoint to End Youth Homelessness

That's a shocking fact... If you're on the streets that means its even harder to get a job, stay in college or keep healthy.

We at Storemates have been so moved by their plight that we've decided to throw our weight behind Centrepoint, the charity that campaigns tirelessly to end youth homelessness. Through their practical and emotional support, safe accommodation, and training programmes they have helped homeless young people to address their challenges and get back on track. Over 8400 people between the ages of 18 and 25 have already benefited this year. But there are so many more that need help.


That's why this year we are backing Centepoint's End Youth Homelessness (EYH) campaign



The End Youth Homelessness (EYH) campaign brings together youth homelessness charities from across the UK in order to make the biggest impact. The problems are complex. Solutions need to focus on housing, education, skills, employment, family, health, benefits and personal finance. The EYH campaign influences national and local government in all these key areas, helping to change policy and put in place smart ideas to both tackle and prevent homelessness.


Our commitment to the End Youth Homelessness Campaign

At Storemates we're passionate about helping young people to escape homelessness.  Co founder Shaff Prabatani spent a big part of his early career as a homeless outreach worker. He remembers what it was like helping young people with drug and alcohol problems based at Centrpoint's hostels:

​"Working with homeless young people was a real eye opener. The problems they experienced along the way were immense. Many were affected by domestic violence at home or suffered family break down and ran away as a last resort. They were extremely vulnerable and often got caught up in risky activities as a way of escaping their difficulties."

I remember Centrepoint in Soho being this safe haven where everyone was valued as unique and the amazing staff their did everything in their power to support them, building their confidence, finding them accommodation, training and work and helping them become independent again."


What can you do to End Youth Homelessness?

Imagine changing the lives of a young person by giving them a second chance.

You're already part of the exciting 'Sharing Economy', earning and saving money through making the most of your space, so why not share a little bit more and Help End Youth Homelessness Now.


Please join us today by making a stand. You can:

DONATE to our Centrepoint campaign using our 'Everyday Hero Page' here

BUY End Youth Homelessness are running Christmas In a Box, a festive fundraising campaign.  For just £5 you will help a vulnerable young person have a better Christmas. Great as a stocking filler or Secret Santa. ‘Christmas In a Box’ buy here.

UPGRADE to a Premium listing and we'll donate a pound for every storage space listed. List your space here

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The funds collected here will be donated to Centrepoint Soho (registered charity no 292411), which administers the End Youth Homelessness campaign.  Centrepoint Soho will apply funds donated where it operates to its activities.  Funds raised in other areas will be donated to the relevant local selected charity. Centrepoint Soho may also retain some funds to cover the operating costs of the End Youth Homelessness Campaign.

From all of us at Storemates - THANK YOU for being incredible!