What’s new? 5 Great Updates from Storemates!

Head of operations at Storemates

Hi, I am Bally Sappal, the new Head of Operations at Storemates and I am really pleased to join the friendly Storemates team! We’re here to make life easier for you and others across the UK who want to benefit from a smart, greener, low cost alternative to the big commercial self storage. It’s been an exciting couple of months with great new developments. Here are 5 amazing updates I’d love to tell you about...

1) 12 Little gifts for Christmas to help you save and earn money in 2015!

We are excited to announce over the 12 days of Christmas, we will be sending you daily tips to help you declutter your lives and save and earn money in 2015!  Our helpful partners Airbnb, JustPark, Trusted Housesitter and RentMyItems have all agreed to share a great piece of advice every day. We know January is always a tricky month after the expense of the holiday season so we hope that all our tips will help you earn a little bit of extra cash for 2015 when we know things can be a bit tight!

Your challenge is to do just one thing over the 12 days of Christmas which will help clear your space and make money!  Tell us what you did and we will enter you into a competition where you can get a free premium listing for a year!

2) Helping to End Youth Homelesness nationally

We are over the moon to announce that that homeless charity Centrepoint will be our new charity partner. They are leading on a national campaign called End Youth Homelessness which brings together youth homelessness charities from across the UK. We hope that your support will help some of the 80,000 young people who are homeless every year find a job and a home of their own.  We at Storemates are passionate about supporting young people to leave homelessness, especially as Shaff Prabatani (our co-founder) worked there for a number of years as a homeless outreach worker.

Storemates will be promoting Centrepoint’s work throughout the site and we will be donating £1 for every premium listing registered to their important campaign . So if you have a storage space advertised with us why not upgrade it today to help Centrepoint and receive your top ranking listing too. To register a premium listing simply list your free space and at the end select the Premium listing upgrade.

You can also buy a ‘Christmas In a Box’ from Centrepoint for only £5 – great as a stocking filler or Secret Santa and you can help a vulnerable young person have a better Xmas at the same time. Find out more here

3) The future of Sharing

In case you haven’t noticed – everyone is now sharing! Enterprises in the sharing economy are now worth $15bn and companies like Airbnb, Just Park and Storemates are changing the way consumers buy and use services. With the launch of the Government's report on Sharing (written by Debbie Wosskow who heads up holiday swapping site Lovehomeswap.com) everyone is now talking about the benefits of sharing over ownership. I have managed to attend a number of great events to help support this create movement.

FutureShock - Nesta

We found out about six possible scenarios of new possible futures for the collaborative economy in the UK in 2025. The panel included Nesta, Airbnb and JustPark.

Share Summit
The Share Summit organised by Compare and Share included panel discussions on innovation and regulations with businesses including Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Ratesetter and JustPark.

Q&A with Debbie Wosskow, Founder of LoveHomeSwap
Debbie Wosscow, founder of LoveHomeSwap spoke about her report.

Good Connection Symposium at the House of Lords
Lord Stone addressed the event which was followed by an overview of the Good Connection project.

4) New team members and new website

We are growing!  As well as my new Head of Operations role, we have recruited enthusiastic interns and have a team of developers who are working on improving the website.  We are also working with online reputation company erated so you can benefit from your positive ratings and reviews from other sites such as ebay. If you are interested in joining our team and being an intern please do get in touch!

5) Get involved! Want to feature on the site?

Responding to your feedback we are changing and updating our website to make it even better and simpler to use and will keep you updated.  We are also updating photographs and testimonials on the website.  So if you want to ‘rave’ about your experience on Storemates then please do get in touch we would love to feature you.

And… if there is anything you want to rant about please do get in touch with me at feedback@storemates.co.uk  We would love to hear from you and do all we can to put things right. If you are using Twitter please make sure you #StorematesUK. We will pick, randomly, 3 or 4 testimonials to feature on our site. We will contact you before they go live.

Finally, if there is anything you want us to blog about, whether it is “How to make space?”, “What to keep and what to get rid off?”, “Tips and Tricks”, “More ideas about sharing” - just get in touch and see your ideas come alive in a future blogs!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a clutter free New Year!

Bally and everyone here at Storemates!