Why do people use Self Storage?


Why do people use Self Storage?cheap London storage wtih Storemates

More and more people are using self storage. With house prices so high, some are outgrowing their space but cannot afford to move, others want to store things of sentimental value, while there are increasing numbers of small businesses using it for stock or paperwork. Ben Rogers, MD of Storemates.co.uk details a top ten list of reasons why people are looking for more space for their stuff...

1. Run out of space at home

We have more stuff in our lives than ever before. But this doesn't mean we are a nation of hoarders! People are reluctant to cast aside belongings they no longer use, especially if they are still in good condition, for good reason. They want to hang onto things ‘just in case’ or often because they’re planning on passing them on at some point in time. It could be some old family wardrobe that they remember playing sardines in,  a children's bed, or a precious collection of books. There is also the seasonal items if they live in a smaller space - what to do with those Christmas decorations each January? 69% of people have run out of space according to RIBA - no wonder people are itching to have more space. But the biggest one in this category is the news of a baby! That spare room will need clearing to make room for another member of the family!

2. Selling a house 

First impressions count. If you are selling a home, estate agents will tell you, you need to make it attractive to prospective homebuyers.  People may give it a fresh paint and rearrange your furniture. But taking a few things out of each room and storing them can make all the difference to people imagining themselves living in someone else's home. Time to Change That Room!

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3. Moving house 

The house hoppers. Increasingly people are having to move out of their old home before moving into their new one to avoid losing a sale. If When people have no family nearby to store belongings with, cheap storage is the ideal answer.

4. Frequent travelling

Flying HIgh. Travellers often face the challenge of having to manage life at home while thousands of miles away from it. Frequent travellers have to leave their flat or house for extended periods,sometimes subletting to help fund the trip. Others may not want to be renting while abroad and so need a place to leave their things. Affordable storage is an ideal solution for belongings that just can’t possibly fit into a backpack!

5. Divorce & Bereavement 

Sadly, divorce is affecting more and more people across the UK. Many of those in this situation may find themselves moving to a smaller home as they don’t require as much space anymore or renting somewhere temporarily until they find something more permanent. Either way, space can become an issue which is why many turn to storage for those bits of furniture that they just don’t want to throw away.

6. Retirement & Downsizing

The Heirlooms. It’s very common for people to downsize once they hit retirement. Although the cheaper living costs are a big bonus, the lack of space might not be. For this reason many people choose to store excess furniture or sentimental items away for a rainy day.

7. Business use

The new micro-entrepreneurs.  A huge amount of companies are opting to use self storage facilities to store excess stock, furniture that isn’t being used and some even run their business from a storage space. According to the Self Storage Association in the UK, business use of cheap storage has overtaken domestic use for the first time ever in 2016. We are a nation of shopkeepers after all!

Cheap student storage on Storemates8. University students

With 3.2 million students fleeing their campus every summer, student storage is a growing area - students will collect various items during their stay at university. But when the summer term finishes, it’s a real pain to take everything back to their parents’ house only to bring it all back in September. It's also cheaper than carting everything back in a hire car or van. So student storage in someone's house local to your university accommodation is an ideal solution.

9. Renovations

Even simple decorating tasks can leave gorgeous belongings looking dusty and ancient (and not in a good way!). From construction projects to basic decorating, moving a few prized items of furniture or pictures can keep them protected until people are ready to retrieve them, stand back and admire their new improved home!

10. Hobbies and Sports

Many people have hobbies. But, when people are collectors, it can be difficult to find a secure space for their collectibles. Storage provides hobbyists with a cost-effective and safe means of storing their awesome collectables. Same for Sports nuts, where to store that ski clothing, canoe or toboggan?! Try cheap local storage with a trusted neighbour!

So if you’re considering using self storage, find out for yourself how storage can help you live in your space better - check out storemates.co.uk to find the cheapest storage local to you!