World Book Day 2014

If you read books, the thought of turning all those books into a homemade library - whether under your stairs, in the spare room or even the loo - must have crossed your mind, even for a moment! Come on! There is a certain elegance and sophistication about it...

But then life happens you know, things change and that spare space you would have used is being occupied and that thought of a homemade library is exactly that...just a thought! Well here's a solution.

Travel, crime, love.

Many readers, maybe even yourself, enjoy reading gripping books consisting of travel, crime, horror and romantic tales in which to escape after a hard days work. Take trains! Trains are filled with men and women absorbed in their books, e-readers and tablets lost in a good story - a pastime that began centuries ago (although they were more your simple drawings on caves!) We always want to know more... How does the protagonist find the murderer? Will James and Sophia live happily ever after or is it going to turn into Romeo & Juliet. But we also undervalue the importance of our books. How much they give us, teach us and open our mind to endless possibilities.

The next stop is... Please mind the gap between the train and the platform Oh, look, time to get off.

Some of us, the Avid Reader if you will, well, we do not throw away the books once we have finished. There is a certain romanticism, especially if it is good and engages you as a reader. I still have Of Mice and Men from my primary school days. I dont even know really why we do it. The possibility of reading them again? Waiting for that opportune moment to persuade friends and relatives to be inspired? Maybe, just maybe, there is even a small thought in the back of our heads thinking about passing down these masterpieces for our future kin to read.

Withered to dust.

So we stick books well...anywhere! Thrown on the floor next to our beds, under the living room table, next to the sofa and even piled up in the bathroom! Lets face it, no one is so organised that they have enough time on their hands to remember to take care of their books especially when you just want to go to sleep or finish watching your favourite television shows. Over time books that arent looked after inevitably become damaged, yellow at the edges, dusty and you are left with no option but to throw them out.


So I am looking for cheap place to store my books, including that signed autobiography by Stephen Hawking wont get damaged.

You guessed it, Storemates. Cheap storage by real people for real people, who can help each other out by joining our ever growing community.

Ok so it isnt the library in your house where you can enjoy a cheeky smile when you showing your guests. But more importantly, you can rest assure that the books that have inspired you will be secure and looked after so when the time comes to hand them over, they will be in great condition.

And if you do have space enough in your home for a library? Make sure to check out our Top De-cluttering strategies to help you even make some money using List some space you may have at home and be paid for it by those looking to store some their own collection of books...ready for the next generation to love!