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A Nation of Time wasters? Find out if you're one of them.

 Roses are Red, violets are blue, clutter is passe, but storage is new. We all struggle with clutter and procrastination is our number one enemy! We would rather hoover the dog than deal with the things that would significantly improve our lives, and this includes clutter.

10 Steps to Feng Shui Your Clutter Away

 Storage may not have been the first thing on your mind as we entered the New Year but for most of us, it may be a reason why our resolutions have fallen by the wayside. January was to be the month that we were going to detox, get fit and healthy and reassess our lives. But,what most of us overlook are perhaps the foundations on which these resolutions lie: a clear and focused mind is just as important as a fit and healthy body. Excess clutter distracts us from focusing our attentions on the important things.