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World Book Day 2014

If you read books, the thought of turning all those books into a homemade library - whether under your stairs, in the spare room or even the loo - must have crossed your mind, even for a moment! Come on! There is a certain elegance and sophistication about it...But then life happens you know, things change and that spare space you would have used is being occupied and that thought of a homemade library is exactly that...just a thought! Well here's a solution.

Spring is here! 3 Top De-cluttering strategies to help spring clean

You know how it happens, stuff, it just builds up. You put something down over there, a moment later your flatmates or your better half puts something on top of it, before you know it a clutter tower has developed. After that all hope is lost. Soon there is a clutter extension (no planning permission required) and then there is a clutter village beginning to develop.Clutter .n 1. Things lying about untidily 2. An untidy state .v. Cover or fill with clutter.

How To Maximize Space In Your Home

Space is obviously essential when it comes to living comfortably within our homes and those living with housemates, a partner or family, will understand this best. For those of us who cannot afford massive houses, making do with what we have and making space requires innovation, meticulousness and creativity. Here are a few tips on maximizing space in our homes. 

Welcome to all members!

Thank you all for completing the survey on! We hope you found the survey simple, it is really interesting for us to hear how people are maximising the use of their space.Extra cash?  Yes please!

Storemates is Hiring!

Business Development Manager £28k. (5 month fixed term contract) Location: West LondonWe are looking for a dynamic and visionary Business Development Manager with excellent communication skills to support the growth of Storemates at an exciting time of its development.

Six ways to be ‘Super Green’ while Moving Home

Liftsharer's guide to the galaxy!

 We’ve had the agricultural revolution. We’ve had the industrial revolution. Now we are in the midst of a sharing revolution. And it is changing lives!

A Comparison Site for the Sharing Economy

Guest blog by By Benita Matofska, Chief Sharer and Founder of The People Who Share  and Compare and Share.Just like Money Supermarket and Go Compare, the Sharing Economy will soon have its own comparison website.

And the winner is....

We had such great entries into our photography competition and it was tough to choose a winner. We narrowed it down to a top five, and we thought we’d share with you these fabulous shots.  Well done and thank you to all those who entered- we loved seeing everyone’s favourite spaces! FIRST PLACE goes to Andy Thompson who sent in this atmospheric tunnel photograph. We loved this shot, well done to Andy for winning our competition!    Second Place: Jeff Arris’ interesting take on his office.   Third Place: Dawn Andrews’ spiderwebs from the space under her daughters slide   Fourth Place: Jeff Arris captured the stillness of the Gloucester Docks fabulously.   Fifth Place: We loved Zimby’s shot of these bikes in Como. Thank you again to everyone that entered our competition, we really enjoyed looking through your snaps!   

Get Ready for Global Sharing Day 2 June 13!

This Sunday sees the launch of Global Sharing Day organised by the ‘People Who Share'. On 2nd June up to 60 million people in over a 140 countries will take part in activities to promote the exciting emergence of the ‘Sharing Economy’. This year the theme is food sharing and people around the world will be encouraged to come together and share food as a symbol of unity and as a way to discourage food waste. 15 million tonnes of food are wasted in the every year, much of which could have been shared with the 4 million people who live in food poverty in the UK.