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Time to turn your parking space into cash!

This weeks guest blog is from our friends at  Ever drive to a destination in good time only to find it nearly impossible to find a parking place? We certainly have.

Can Storage Sharing beat the Bedroom Tax?

Shaff Prabatani, founder of asks whether 'Storage Sharing' can help those experiencing housing difficulty.

Holiday like a local in 2013

OK so you've decluttered your space with the help of Storemates, and you are loving your space. So much so, you want to show it off and share it with everyone.  So why not save on your holiday budget at the same time?Despite the recent freezing temperatures, the enormous popularity of the UK means that you don’t need to live in a five bedroom mansion in Hampstead to swap your home with someone wanting a slice of British life willing to share their luxury villa in the South of Spain or Thailand.

"If I only had a brain..." Clever plans for our garden spaces

Three years ago, the Communities and Local Government website reported that new homes built on previously residential land - including building on previously owned back gardens - had risen to 25%1. Shocking isn't it? Gardens and land are being forfeited in the UK but at what cost? 

Hoarder Patrol – How can Estate Agents sell cluttered flats?

Storemates founder Shaff Prabatani recalls how an estate agent helped him see the wood for the trees.I remember when I tried to sell my cosy one bed flat just after my girlfriend moved in. She brought with her 24 boxes of her belongings plus a lifetime of sentimental clutter. My uber minimal bachelor pad transformed itself into a very feminine ‘bring and buy’ sale over a very memorable weekend. As the walls closed in and the daylight only partly peeked in through windows blocked by stacked shoe boxes, it was inevitable that my now dark and chaotic flat was no longer going to ‘sell itself.’

Not Enough Hours in the Day? Jobbing can help!

Sharing communities just like ours are springing up all over with many companies providing services from driveway rentals to lawnmower lending. Soon set to join the UK’s sharing brigade is a new service similar to America’s hit ‘jobbing’ site TaskRabbit - branded in the UK with the help of a different four legged friend, TaskPandas. Currently in their fifth year in the US, TaskRabbit has been providing an outsource for everyday errands and skilled tasks that simply take up too much time in your day, from fixing new furniture to picking up the groceries. Many college students, recent retirees, stay at home mums or young professionals have been lending their services to see their neighbours revel in the thrill of a shrinking 'to-do' list. And some are earning as much as $5000 a month so it’s a great second income.

Who wants to be happy?

The post-Christmas blues seem to be hanging on extra tight this year. Just like normal, there are too many leftover chocolates, not enough magic, but after years of presents there's definitely too much stuff! A de-clutter is certainly in order to restore order; not only order in your home, but order in your mind.

Heading to your favourite place this Christmas?

The team here at Storemates love Christmas, and we are really excited to be spending time with family and friends in a place that we love. Loving the space you live in is so important to us in fact, we thought we would create a photo competition to help promote Loving Your Space to the world! So if you are spending the holidays in one of your favourite places, take a photo and send it to us. You could win a beautiful Storage drive to store all your prize winning photographs. Closing date to send us your 'beloved' photo is, appropriately, Valentines Day February 14th 2013. Send photos to or post to our facebook page.Happy Holidays from all of us at Storemates!

Our Journey to the Dragons Den


Love to Share Week

This week is ‘Love Sharing week’, a week of inspiring events, activities and conversation to celebrate the new rapidly growing ‘sharing’ and ‘pay as you live’ movement. Ever since AirBnB taught us that household space could be shared with visiting tourists, and Zipcar helped us see the value of sharing a car rather than the expense of owning one, the movement we called Collaborative Consumption has started to go mainstream. The Sharing Economy, currently valued at over £22 billion in the UK alone, has challenged our need to own outright goods and services that remain unused or dormant most of the time. Even high street retailers like Marks & Spencer’s are embracing this exciting shift in consumer appetite through their clothes swapping initiative ‘Shwopping’.