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100 Brighton lofts would mean 1 less unsightly storage warehouse.

Storemates is coming to Brighton! As the storage revolution gathers momentum and more people discover the community solution to self storage that is Storemates, we are rolling out our service to the coast. And this time it's David versus Goliath!

Babies – who said they take up hardly any space?!

Let’s face it there's an interesting irony about babies - they're tiny - but, the space they need is immense. Becoming a parent soon becomes a mission to find more space for them to thrive: Space for those toys, clothes, nappies, kitchen extras, gifts (wanted or not) as well as space for the grandparents who seem to be around a lot more and usually demand their own living quarters within your humble abode. Oh and let’s not forget the baby itself and all the household items they seem to displace! Yesterday’s yoga space, study or guest room soon becomes today's nursery, baby overspill or Buggy Park!With space at a premium and self storage costing a fortune, Storemates decided to stand up for space starved parents everywhere.Storemates was co-founded by parent and flat dweller Shaff Prabatani, who ran out of living space when he and his partner Louise decided to start a family. Put off by expensive commercial self storage prices, Shaff dropped home-made flyers through the letterboxes of all his neighbours asking if they had any room to store his extra items in return for a small rental fee.

Is Storemates the devils work?!

Do you love a worst case scenario story? We know that the thought of storing with strangers can evoke some pretty strong reactions amongst the over cautious ‘not over my dead body’ brigade.Check out the highly argumentative forum thread about Storemates that recently appeared in Money Saving Experts (MSE) The debate raged from very satisfied Storemates customers many of which were ‘Forum Newbies’ dueling vociferously with hardened doomsday cynics convinced that Storemates was the Devils work and would only bring upon the biblical wrath of loft ripping freak tornados and criminal networks warring over your stored possessions !

What do storage seekers want? What should storage seekers provide?

Now that we have created a buzz and populated our site with fantastic storage spaces, we will turn our attention to supporting storage seekers to use Storemates over commercial self storage. Interestingly we seemed to have created an imbalance with more storage providers than storage seekers using our site at present. Storage seekers have seemed to require a bit more convincing to take the plunge and be diverted away from the many commercial storage special offers available even if they are more expensive in the long term.Our market research of storage seekers has told us that they are looking for much cheaper deals, more personal information about storage providers in order to build up trust and a better fit of storage type within a closer proximity to them – usually within a mile. So we have turned our attention to helping storage providers adapt their listings so they can better meet their needs. As a result we have sent a guide to all Storage Providers entitled “Ten things you can do to improve your rental prospects” which is jammed full of useful tips such as how to ‘humanise your storage listing’, how to set a competitive price, and how to use social media to maximise your reach. These are all available to view on our Useful Guides section too

The ‘Storage Revolution’ has arrived!

Since we officially launched Storemates at the beginning of this year, we have been thrilled with the enthusiastic response from the public and the media. You may have seen us in the national press and TV celebrating the benefits of communities coming together to sort out their storage arrangements. Check out our press page for some examples.’ve been surprised. We thought that it would take a lot of persuading to get people to open up their households to ‘strangers with clutter’ but these storage pioneers have proved us wrong. Motivated by our green, ethical, collaborative principles or simply the desire to earn enough to pay the phone bill - hundreds of eager households from all over the UK who have enthusiastically listed their lofts, garages, sheds and spare rooms as storage space.

Happy New Year

Happy new year to you all from Storemates. Hope 2012 brings you all you wish for.Why not start the year by registering with and start earning some money from any unused space where you live to pay off those Christmas debts?

Competition Winner

Congratulations to Laura Davidson, the winner of a Travelzoo £50 voucher!Plenty more chances so please spread the word to friends and family to register (and list their space if they want to start earning too...)

Looking for partners is looking to provide a full range of services that will make storing your belongings much easier.  From packing and moving your stuff into storage, hiring a van to boarding your loft, we are looking for affiliate companies to work with who can supply services direct to our many Storemate users. If you share our ethos of environmental sustainability and collaborative consumption please get in touch by emailing