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Renting your Storage Space

How do I list my space?

Once you have registered, you can click on "List my Space" to create a listing.

Click here for tips on creating an attractive ad that has the best opportunity of being rented out.

What is Premium featured listing?

Premium listing allows you to prominently highlight your space to storers. Your listing will stand out boldly from all other listings and will rank top of all search lists.

The fee is £5.99 (a one-off payment that lasts until the space is rented out) - £1 of which goes to support Centrepoint's End Youth Homelessness campaign.

I don’t know what to charge?

Our system automatically provides a recommended price based on the size of space you’re listing.  However, we recommend having a quick look around for spaces in your area to see what other users are charging

It’s important to remain competitive compared to commercial self-storage, so we recommend you charge around 50% of the price they would charge for the same size space.

Do I have to pay tax on my earnings?

If you’re earning additional income through renting out your space, then you’ll need to declare that income to the Inland Revenue on your tax return. Everybody’s situation is unique and Storemates advises storage hosts to seek advice regarding their personal tax liability.

I’m not sure I want to store boxes, if I don’t know what’s in them?

The storage agreement you both sign when agreeing your storage arrangements requires an inventory of all the items being stored. If you require more reassurances you are within your rights to ask the storer for an inspection of the items.

Having a signed inventory also ensures you are covered by our Storemates Protection Guarantee.

What If I suspect foul play or misuse of my storage space?

This should never happen as there is an inventory list as part of the agreement which both parties sign. You are within your rights to ask to look at the items being stored in your home. If you suspect anything criminal eg drugs or other illegal substances, you should contact the police immediately.

What security do I need to provide?

We ask that you provide the same level of security to other people’s possessions as you would for your own. Any additional security measures you provide will always be looked at favourably by the storer when searching for storage space.

Can I rent out my space to more than one person?

Yes, you can - for example, if you have 150 sq ft of space, you can advertise 15 sq ft, 25 sq ft and 75 sq ft spaces and receive multiple incomes. More information can be found using our guide.

What If I can no longer accommodate someone’s stuff due to a change in circumstances?

If you’re unable to continue providing storage space, you should contact your storemate immediately and explain your situation. We recommend giving at least 1 month notice, so the storer has enough time to collect their belongings and to find a new storage location.

I haven’t received many enquires about my storage listing. What can I do?

The most common reason may be because you’re charging too much. If local self-storage companies are charging a similar fee to you then you may be missing out. Storemates suggest your price should be around 50% cheaper than theirs to remain competitive. You can use a storage price comparison website to check local prices.

If you’re listing a large space, consider listing it in multiple smaller sizes too, to appeal to a wider reach of storers, many of whom are looking for smaller spaces. Remember you can always rent out to multiple storers.

Add a photo, relevant information about your space and complete your personal profile. Storers often look at a number of options and need as much as information as possible to make the right decision. Importantly, they’ll need to trust you’ll take care of their belongings so knowing ‘the person behind the storage space’ is equally important in attracting storers. Please take time to complete your personal profile and we recommend adding a picture of yourself.

You can find more Top Tips for the perfect listing here.

Finally, please respond promptly to messages. Many storers have an urgent need to store and require a response quickly, usually within 24 hours.

What if someone doesn’t collect their stuff?

After the contract ends, if your storemate has not collected their items, you’ll need to contact them as well as us to assess the situation. As part of our T&C’s you’ll have the right to discard/sell any items that haven’t been collected after a certain time but this can only happen with our written permission.

What if someone doesn't pay or defaults on a payment?

Although there have been no previous cases of this, we ensure you’re covered. Payments are always taken monthly from the storers credit or debit card and then credited to your bank account, which’ll make it easy for you to keep track of on your bank statements. If a storer does default, we’d expect them to inform you and make appropriate arrangements.

However, if you do have a problem, please contact us as well as your storemate. We’ll then assess the situation and get back to you with further instructions. We have the right to allow you to discard of or sell the items but you’ll need written permission from us. This is covered in our T&C's.

Payments (with Stripe)

Who are Stripe?

Stripe are a leading online global, payment partner. They offer a simple way for individuals and small businesses to pay by credit or debit card and for those receiving the payments to do so directly into their bank account, safely and securely. You can read more on their website here - Stripe Connect

How do I set up my Stripe account?

Once you’ve completed the first step in creating your listing on our website, you’ll be re-directed to the Stripe account page, which needs to be completed to publish your listing. This is the only way you’ll be able to receive payments from your storemate.



Your product - tell us about your business - just type in 'Storemates' 
Accounts details - leave selected as Individual/Sole trader, use your home address as the Business Address, and use www.storemates.co.uk for the website (You don’t have to complete the company information, unless you are a commercial business with storage space in which case follow those steps)

Step 2

Your Personal Details - add your name, date of birth and address (again)

Step 3

Credit Card Statement - use a reference you’ll recognise on your bank statements, such as Storemates and your mobile number too for verification.

Step 4

Add the bank account details you want your income to get paid into and finally add your email address you use for your Storemates account and a password. 

Finally click Authorize access to this account to set up your secure Stripe account. (No one will have access to your details except you).

In addition, feel free to contact us via email at info@storemates.co.uk or by calling us on 0800 001 6720 and we’ll guide you through the process. Lines open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm.

I have an overseas bank account can I use Stripe?

You need to have a British bank account.

Do I have to sign up to Stripe each time I list a space?

No, you’re only required to do it the first time. If you list multiple spaces, they will all be linked to the same Stripe account within your Storemates account.

What if I don’t want to use Stripe to manage my payments?

This is the only way to receive payment and to pay for storage spaces. Failure to do so will mean you don’t get paid nor will you qualify for our Storage Protection Guarantee.

What if I want to change my bank details?

If you want to change your Stripe bank details you will need to log into your Stripe account via their website


For more frequently asked questions regarding Stripe, please take a look on their website - or check out their support pages


Looking for Storage Space

What can I store?

You can store most items as long as they are safe and legal. They must also be accepted by the host.

You can’t store any of the following prohibited items, doing so will invalidate any potential Storemate Protection Guarantee claims:

  • Drugs including medical/pharmaceutical supplies and equipment
  • Combustible, flammable, hazardous or toxic materials
  • Perishable food and animal products
  • Miscellaneous prohibited items such as animals and plants

In addition, Storemates would NOT recommend you store any of the following:

  •  Jewellery and high value items
  • Money
  • Irreplaceable legal documents
  • High value, antiques or collectables
  • Very fragile items

Calculate the space you require - how big are the storage sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, Driveway

Small - 9 - 20 sq ft (a small wardrobe / part of a loft - suitable for up to 10 boxes/suitcases or small furniture)

Medium - 20 - 50 sq ft (large 2 door wardrobe / quarter size loft - suitable for up to 20 boxes)

Large - 50 - 100 sq ft (half a garage / loft - suitable for around 40 boxes or furniture)

X Large - 100 - 150 sq ft (average garage / loft - suitable for around 50 boxes or furniture)

XX Large - over 150 sq ft (double garage / large loft / basement / double room/commercial workshop, garage, store room etc  - unlimited space)

Driveway – for parking cars, caravans, motor homes or boats

Will my home insurance cover my possessions once in storage?

Home insurance comes in many different forms and may provide you with cover if your items are in temporary storage. We would recommend you check with your insurance company to find out what your home owners policy covers.

For your complete peace of mind, we also provide cover for theft and damage up to £10,000 at no additional cost. If you cannot reclaim any losses via the liable party or through any insurance policy then you may be able to apply for compensation via the Storemates Protection Guarantee. Terms and Conditions apply. See here for more info here.

See also: FAQ: Storing in People’s Homes.

Do you provide an agreement I can use to confirm my storage arrangements?

Yes. It’s an opportunity for you and your storemate to agree how the storage arrangement will work between you. We also need you to have this in place to qualify for the Storemates Protection Guarantee. You can download it here.

Can I pay my storemate directly?

No, you must pay using the site. If you don’t, you won’t be eligible for our Storemates Protection guarantee and will be in breach of our T&C’s that you agree to when signing up.

Can the host increase the storage price during the storage period?

Storemates require the monthly cost of storage to remain the same for at least 12 months. After this, the host may increase the monthly storage price by an amount equivalent to the inflation rate, around 3% per year. The host must give the storer 30 days notice of any price increases in writing (via the Storemates messaging service or by email).

I need an item back from storage. What do I do?

Simply agree a day and time to access your stuff with your storemate and go access your items. We suggest you try and give as much notice as possible.

What if I have a problem that I cannot solve with the Storage Provider?

On the rare occasion that something cannot be resolved, please email us at help@storemates.co.uk and we’ll be able to advise on a solution.


What is Storemates?

We are the UK’s largest online service for peer to peer storage with the goal of making storing items more affordable by matching people who need storage with those who have spare space in their home, garage or on their driveway. We also encourage small companies to list space in their shops or business premises.

It’s free to list and search for space, and you can set your own rental price. However, we provide a recommended price, to give you an indication of what to charge, to be attractive to people looking for low cost, local storage.

What kinds of space can I rent?

Whatever space you have in your house or business premises, this includes lofts, basements, spare rooms, built-in cupboards, sheds, out-houses, stock rooms, workshops, garages and driveways.

What kind of things can I store?

You can store any household items eg clothes, cds, books, furniture, sports equipment, electrical appliances, business documents, work tools and materials, stock for a physical or online retailer, cars, caravans and boats. You can also look for long-term, regular car parking eg for commuting or if you don’t have your own garage or driveway on the Storemates site.

How much will it cost to list my space?

It’s free to list your space and you’ll always receive the rent you’ve asked for.  We add a small charge of 15.7% on top, which the storers pay. This is to cover our running costs, pay the Stripe transaction payment fees and cover the storage arrangement under our Storemates Protection Guarantee.

How much will I save compared to commercial self-storage?

You could save up to 50%, compared to what you’d pay at one of the leading commercial self-storage companies.

Is storing in people’s homes or businesses safe?

To date we haven’t had a single reported abuse of trust but we do understand that as a new concept you may need some reassurance.

There are mutually shared interests, as Storage Providers will be earning extra income by carefully protecting stored items, and storers will be saving money by using Storemates. 

We also have a wide range of safeguards in place to protect you and your belongings including a review system, a storage agreement and our unique ‘Storemates Protection Guarantee’, that’ll reimburse you up to £10,000 in the very unlikely event that something happens to your belongings or property.

Storing in people’s homes or businesses with Storemates is no different to the many new exciting sharing websites where people are making and saving money through renting out rooms in their home, cars, clothes and general household items peer to peer, as well as buying and selling through Amazon and eBay or doing peer to peer lending.

What if there is any theft or damage to my belongings or property?

In the first instance, you should report this to the police and your insurance provider. Theft is also covered by our Storage Protection Guarantee. Please refer to our Storemate Protection Guarantee here.

What is the Storage Protection Guarantee?

For your complete peace of mind, we provide you with up to £10,000 cover for any losses incurred due to theft or damage. Although we’ve never had a reported incident, we realise that having protection for your property and belongings is important to you. Find out more about the Storage Protection Guarantee here.

Terms and conditions apply, find out more here.

Why use Storemates rather than commercial self-storage?

In a nutshell, if you’re a storer you’ll save up to 50% compared to commercial storage prices. If you’re a host you’ll make extra money from your spare space. You’ll also help the environment, as land used to build new storage warehouses can now be left unspoilt.

We have thousands of storage options throughout the country, you are more likely to find a ‘Storemate’ local to you, rather than having to drive out of town to an industrial estate.



How do I change my email address/phone number/password?

Log onto your account, click “My Account”, then choose either “Edit" buttons next to your name/number/email address.

Help, I have forgotten my password!

Click "My Account" on the home page then select "Reset your Password”. You will need to enter your email address and then follow the instructions sent to you via email.

Uploading a photo or video

Log into your account, click “My Storage” to display a list of your advertised spaces, then choose “Upload Photo" or copy and paste the link to a video.

Important: For video, first upload your video to YOUTUBE (https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/57924?hl=en-GB). Then copy and paste your video link to our website.

I want to edit my Personal Profile.

Log into your account, under "My Account" you can click “Edit” next to your name, contact details or your personal description.

How do I edit my Storage Space or delist my space?

Log into your account, under your Dashboard you will see a list of your spaces, and an option to edit or delete them.

I want my information kept private!

Storemates is a secure site. We will never pass your personal details to third parties. We only use the data internally to improve our services. Please have a look at our Privacy Policy here.

How can I get in touch with Storemates?

We check our emails and social media several times a day so feel free to email us on Feedback@storemates.co.uk or through our social media platforms. You can also check our Contact Us page for the best way to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


I can't log into my Storemates account

Try resetting your password, if this doesn't work, send us an email to info@storemates.co.uk

I can't leave a review.

You can only leave a review for someone you have had a storage contract with. If you can’t leave a review, check to see if you’ve left one already, which you’ll be able to edit.

How do I know if anyone is looking at my listing?

You can see the number of views of your listing in the "My Storage" section of your dashboard.

Can I register without an e-mail address?

You must have an email address to register as you will be sent an email to activate your account, as well as notification of any messages. You can use Facebook to sign up, you will then be asked to grant permission for storemates to use your email from Facebook instead (we will never post anything on your behalf).

What if I only want to store my items for a month – will you still charge me?

There is a minimum storage period of 1 month.  Our system will automatically calculate the appropriate price based on the length of the storage period. If you take your things out of storage during a storage month, we’ll calculate a pro-rata amount for this last period.

Can I use the service from abroad?

Currently, Storemates is only operating in the UK. 

If you’re outside the UK, but looking to store in the UK, perhaps because you’re moving here, you can use the site providing you have a UK bank account.  


4 Great Reasons to use Storemates


Storemates offers you a simple, cost-effective, local storage solution near you for items you no longer have room for. Whether it's old treasures you want to keep, or items you dont use regularly, our storage service connects you with trusted, verified local people who have some secure space available to rent. We provide a legal contract, verification, safeguards, secure payments and our FREE £10,000 Storemates Protection Cover for your total peace of mind.

Storemates covers up to £10000 in Storage Protection Guarantee