Workshop / Garage

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Workshop, with roll-up door suitable for most things. Dry.

It is at the back of the garden, so, not really ideal for a car going up and down regularly as you'll wreck the lawn....but OK if you just want to store it there longer term (e.g. classic car).
Ideal for motorbikes though, or a small boat or larger dinghy.

Key available, access as you wish (within reason).

Listed as a double garage as it is quite long (but it is not double width). The door is over 7' wide, and there is over 6' height access. The garage is about 21' long and you have about 9' width inside. It has a slanting roof front to back. At it's lowest point, at the back, you have about 6'6'' height. At the front you have about 10' of height.

  • By arrangement
  • 24 hr access
  • Own keys
  • Loading/unloading parking
  • Dry
  • Secure
  • Help with loading
  • Well lit area
  • Someone usually at home
Ideal for
  • Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Sports equipment
  • Document storage
  • Books & records
  • Student storage
  • General household items
  • Commecial & Business storage
  • Bikes
  • Clothes/Bedding