About Storemates

Storemates offers you a cost-effective, local storage solution for items you no longer have room for. Whether it's old treasures you can’t bear to throw out, or essentials you need for future travel adventures, our storage service connects you with local people who have rentable space available.

We know that commercial self-storage can be expensive, which is why we’re 50% cheaper on average — yep, you read that right — and anyone can take advantage of it. It’s all done through a few simple clicks and our handy search engine.

We’ve put together our Storemates Protection Guarantee. It’s designed to give you complete peace of mind over what you store. There’s zero hidden charges from us, trusted reviews and secure messages from the host. So if you’ve got something you need storing, we’ve got you covered.


The concept of Storemates was first thought up by Shaff, one of our co-founders, after his partner Louise moved into his very small flat. She soon surprised him with the news that two would soon become three, and his first reaction was “Where are we going to put everything?!” They knew it was going to be a struggle to store what’s needed when a baby is on the way.

Turned off by the expensive cost of commercial storage, Shaff designed a flyer asking neighbours if they had any space available; offering to pay a few pounds a month in return. He posted them through letterboxes and within a week he received 15 phone calls from friendly neighbours. People he'd never spoken to before offered him space for his stuff in their lofts, garages, and spare rooms.

Inspired by this, Shaff, and old friends Jason and Ben, decided to take this simple idea forward. They created a digital service where people could benefit from this cost effective way of storing items, and Storemates was born.

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