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The Sharing Revolution: How it can help the environment and your bank balance

7 Great Eco Tips for 2018

5 Cheeky Tips: Getting Your Ho Ho Home Ready for Christmas (Mayhem)!

Hooray! The Christmas season is here, that exciting, and yes stressful time of the year. With guests to entertain, fussy family to contend with, big meals to overcook, gifts to buy and then return, things can get pretty hairy.

Shhh! Please do not reveal these Money Making Secrets...

At Storemates, we are all about sharing, so we have put together all the tips and secrets we’ve learned into a FREE e-book!The ‘Sharing Economy’ has been growing and is now booming across the globe. There’s so many weird, wonderful, and wacky money saving ideas out there we wanted to get them all down into one easy to read e-book. Whether you want to boost your income or just tighten your belt, sit back, and have a read through these unbelievably clever ways of putting more pounds back in your pocket.

A Campaign for Grenfell: Donate your household storage space for free to those who most need it



Do you dread opening your cupboards fearing a clothes avalanche?Does your bedroom floor look like the aftermath of a Primark sales stampede?

Why do people use Self Storage?

 Why do people use Self Storage?More and more people are using self storage. With house prices so high, some are outgrowing their space but cannot afford to move, others want to store things of sentimental value, while there are increasing numbers of small businesses using it for stock or paperwork. Ben Rogers, MD of details a top ten list of reasons why people are looking for more space for their stuff...

Homeowners to become 'micro-entrepreneurs' from the Budget

Homeowners to become micro-entrepreneurs under the new budget ‘Sharing Economy’ tax allowanceOn the week that the Chancellor recognised earning money from your loft or driveway as a new way of tax free earning,  the UK’s leading storage sharing site Storemates launches its crowdfund campaign through Seedrs in a bid to help thousands of British people become ‘micro entrepreneurs’

Storemates for sale...

Own a Slice of StorematesBen and Shaff, Storemates co-founders here…

Booming British Sharing Economy

Following in the footsteps of Airbnb, Just Park is now the hottest entry to the booming sharing economy. Their predictions for the UK will surprise you. Plus check out their new nifty tool to unlock the best of the sharing economy.