10 Steps to Feng Shui Your Clutter Away


Storage may not have been the first thing on your mind as we entered the New Year but for most of us, it may be a reason why our resolutions have fallen by the wayside. January was to be the month that we were going to detox, get fit and healthy and reassess our lives. But,what most of us overlook are perhaps the foundations on which these resolutions lie: a clear and focused mind is just as important as a fit and healthy body. Excess clutter distracts us from focusing our attentions on the important things.



According to Feng shui clutter is low, stagnant, blocked energy that drains energy from you and lowers the quality of your life.

Decluttering is a notoriously difficult thing to get our heads round because of the sheer time and effort it would take: we exhaust ourselves prematurely by thinking of the entire process and end product rather than the baby steps needed to get there.


So, here are 10 tips to get you started:


1. Prepare a list of items that are a ‘must keep’: photographs, seminal books, invoices, your summer wardrobe, old records etc.


2. Clear an area where you can gather the stuff you want to put into storage.


3. Label up some empty boxes: Photographs, records (vinyl), books, gifts etc.


4. Choose a small area to start with: The top two shelves of your bookcase, a kitchen drawer, your bedside table.


5. Limit your task to short periods of time (1-2 hours) so as not to get overwhelmed, exhausted or bored!


6. Play your favourite music to make the task more enjoyable.


7. Treat yourself to a coffee, a nice meal, your favourite TV programme after you’ve completed the task.


8. Don’t overdo it as this will only exhaust you and turn what should be a positive task into a dreaded one.


9. Do set aside the same amount of time so that you can return to the task another day.


10. Sit back and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at having taken the first step.


Once you get that feeling of pride and accomplishment, you may even be inspired to tackle those items that really have reached their ‘sell by date.’  You may even find that you are infused with a renewed vigour and a more positive energy to deal with those forgotten resolutions or inspire you to create new ones. Give it a try and I guarantee that the change will be for the better.


And, if you haven’t got the room to store those ‘must keep’ items, the answer may lie in the ever-expanding 'sharing economy.'  You can even use alternative cheap self storage by storing your precious stuff cheaply and affordably with a local neighbour keen to make the most of their space with Storemates.