Booming British Sharing Economy

Following in the footsteps of Airbnb, Just Park is now the hottest entry to the booming sharing economy. Their predictions for the UK will surprise you. Plus check out their new nifty tool to unlock the best of the sharing economy.


By the year 2020, the global sharing economy is estimated to be worth a whopping $335 billion. What began as a Silicon Valley quirk has gathered speed to become a serious force on the radar of governments, thought leaders and business bods the world over.

At JustPark, we’re proud to be a part of Britain’s booming sharing economy - alongside our friends at Storemates, Love Home Swap, Liftshare and the many other young, disruptive companies that are letting people make more of their assets by lending them out.

In celebration of this growing movement, we crunched some numbers and produced an Interactive Sharing Economy Index which can be found here to help people navigate their way around the many companies working in this space.


UK leading the way

We’ve uncovered some awesome insights along the way. We found that the UK is home to 10% of the businesses involved in the global sharing economy – more than France, Germany and Spain combined.

While our friends across the pond remain the global leader in the sector, London is the undisputed sharing economy capital of Europe. An impressive one in 12 of the companies in the global sharing economy are based here in the UK capital. Worldwide, San Francisco and New York the only cities to have produced more sharing economy startups than London.


The Future

We were excited to see the rapid growth of the sharing economy over the last few years, finding that over half of today’s sharing economy companies were founded in 2013 or later. More than 80% of the companies were founded since the start of 2011.

So, we hope you enjoy this tool and decide to get involved. From sharing pets to swapping vegetables, in the sharing economy there’s truly something for everyone.