Cost of Living in London

It’s a well-known fact that living in London as well as most parts of england can be expensive, making it hard to save money.  Take the cost of housing, food, petrol, utilities and other necessities and your left with very little money.


“Living costs have risen 25% in the past five years and placed an “unprecedented” financial burden on the poor, a report has found.” - BBC News 


Whats more the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, known for his random remarks for well... anything has recently announced that the cost of living in the UK has risen. 


In London alone, the rise has been 25p per hour! This doesn’t sound like much, but becomes a real problem when the Minimum Wage is much lower than the National Living Wage.


Lets just do some math here:


25p x 8 hours (lets say on average we work 8 hours) = £2 extra a day

£2 x 5 days = £10 a week

£10 x 48 weeks = £480 

£480 a year could fund you:

  • A years membership at a gym
  • A years mobile phone bill
  • A years cinema pass (with a lot of money left over)
  • A new wardrobe
  • A weeks holiday
  • Car/home insurance
  • Your children’s karate and ballet lessons


25 pence seems like a lot more now doesn't it?


So how can I make more money?


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