Liftsharer's guide to the galaxy!


Liftshare blog on’ve had the agricultural revolution. We’ve had the industrial revolution. Now we are in the midst of a sharing revolution. And it is changing lives!

As Storemates show, access now trumps ownership. You don’t need to fork out an enormous sum of money for space you need; nowadays a neighbour can often lend you it at a fraction of the cost (and you’ll make new friends into the bargain). is the same. The UK’s largest car-sharing network, it has over 370,000 members wanting to share their cars rather than drive alone (or looking for a lift instead of having to take public transport). By sharing their empty seats, Liftshare members are saving money, having more fun, cutting their carbon footprint and reducing the stress of driving alone.

And to further supporting the sharing revolution, Liftshare members don’t stop at giving each other lifts. One of the knock-on benefits of car-sharing is how it leads to all kinds of other sharing:

Maggie in Penrith finds her car-share partner is a source of free baby trees

Adam in Norwich shared a skill with his lift, Phil, by teaching him how to play golf

After being introduced to folk music gigs by her liftshare partner, Sandra in Colchester now shares that passion and that social scene

Thomas in Cardiff reports that his car-sharer did the flowers at his wedding, whilst he and his wife have baby-sat her children

Kate in Illminster even shared a horse with one of her car-sharers!

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Imagine how much the sharing economy grows every day from people up and down the land simply sharing conversations during their journeys. Meanwhile, the typical commuter who car-shares every day saves about £1,000 and a tonne of CO2 in a year.  As Norman in Preston said: “I estimate my car pool keeps about £150 a month in my pocket that would otherwise glug down my filler cap. At typical levels of taxation, that's equivalent to a salary rise of £2,500.” offers you the best chance of finding someone else going your way. Just sign up (it’s free) at