Not Enough Hours in the Day? Jobbing can help!

Sharing communities just like ours are springing up all over with many companies providing services from driveway rentals to lawnmower lending. Soon set to join the UK’s sharing brigade is a new service similar to America’s hit ‘jobbing’ site TaskRabbit - branded in the UK with the help of a different four legged friend, TaskPandas.

Currently in their fifth year in the US, TaskRabbit has been providing an outsource for everyday errands and skilled tasks that simply take up too much time in your day, from fixing new furniture to picking up the groceries. Many college students, recent retirees, stay at home mums or young professionals have been lending their services to see their neighbours revel in the thrill of a shrinking 'to-do' list. And some are earning as much as $5000 a month so it’s a great second income.

Storemates Blog - Job Sharing with YoupiJob and TaskRabbit

Now a well-established French company,, is aiming to follow suit in it's own individual way and has spread its wings over the channel to England. Already a big hit in France, YoupiJob is looking ready to help out all those in need in Britain. If you need an extra pair of hands for a party, have had enough of trying to be in three places at once, simply can't iron any more school shirts, all you need to do is post the job on, and pick your community knight in shining armour from the pre-approved jobbers registered to the site.

But why the rise in these 'jobbing' or task sharing sites?

It seems that with many people juggling longer working hours, some are finding it hard to keep on top of household and other daily chores. As co-founder of Benjamin Leyne explains:

“We spend up to 30 hours each week on household errands, but people are increasingly finding that there is simply not enough time to fit in all the tasks that need to be completed. This is one of the main reasons behind the launch of We wanted to provide an affordable way to find someone to help with your chores."

youpijob logoIf on the other hand, you have time on your hands and are twiddling your thumbs, then you could be a Youpi jobber. The site asks for no qualifications, or a professional background, just a helpful and resourceful attitude that wants to give back to their community. Once pre-approved, you'll be available to save anyone's day! And earn a great second income too.

Billed as the 'E-bay of the job world', the website is open to anyone, any job, and any fee. A mainly free service, (you're only charged 10% if you get the job), the site looks to be an affordable solution to all those drags on day-to-day fun!