Storemates can make you a microentrepreneur! It could be you!


We are really excited and pleased to inform you that the UK government is keen to take a lead in the growing global sharing economy. The sharing economy, according to Debbie Wosscow, founder of LoveHomeSwap, refers to online services that help people share assets, time and skills.  As users of Storemates you are part of the sharing economy as you are sharing space.  This also includes other online platforms such as AirBnB, LoveHomeSwap, Just Park and ZipCar.

Today there has been an exciting new independent Government commissioned review into the Unlocking the sharing economy by Debbie Wosscow on how the UK can become a global centre for this fast growing sector.

Peer to peer platforms such as Storemates will therefore benefit from increased trust, affordable insurance and clear regulations by helping create a nation of microentrepreneurs (i.e. with the attic being the new self storage business).

The review states that the sharing economy could have a potential income of $335bn by 2025 turning the UK's population into microentrepreneurs with the UK leading the global sharing market.

Key recommendations from the review include:-

- An innovation lab for the UK sharing economy which will act as an incubator for start-ups and a research centre.

- "A need for a sharing economy industry association where businesses can come together.  The UK trade body would set standards and guidelines."

- Better support from insurers.

- Resolving the tax debate by the HMRC and the Treasury working together.

In his foreword to the report, Business Minister Matthew Hancock said :

“The UK is embracing new, disruptive business models and challenger businesses that increase competition and offer new products and experiences for consumers.”

At Storemates we are working hard to build a community based on trust.  We have recently updated our website and have a new Storemates Protection Guarantee. For no extra cost we cover your losses caused by damage or theft to your belongings up to the value of £10,000, secure online payments.  We are also working with erated which helps amalgate user rating across global platforms such as ebay and airbnb.  We are committed to ensure that we provide the best safety, insurance and customer service to you.

We are excited about the future of the sharing economy and look forward to working with the UK Government and our partners in the sharing economy  to help take these recommendations further to benefit the Storemates Community.  If you have any suggestions we would be happy to hear from you on how we can do this.

The Storemates Team

Read the full review here