Is Storemates the devils work?!

Do you love a worst case scenario story? We know that the thought of storing with strangers can evoke some pretty strong reactions amongst the over cautious ‘not over my dead body’ brigade.

Check out the highly argumentative forum thread about Storemates that recently appeared in Money Saving Experts (MSE) The debate raged from very satisfied Storemates customers many of which were ‘Forum Newbies’ dueling vociferously with hardened doomsday cynics convinced that Storemates was the Devils work and would only bring upon the biblical wrath of loft ripping freak tornados and criminal networks warring over your stored possessions !

The forum is still open so please join in and have your say – but tread cautiously and as the forum guidelines warn ‘Don’t feed the Trolls’ , Trolls being those militant pessimists that lurk in the shadows of forums emerging only to devour innocent newbies and naive bridge crossers!

To Trust or Not to Trust......

The big issue for sites like Storemates is how do we build up a ‘community of trust’ to ensure smooth peer to peer transactions. As we discovered through the MSE forum there will always be the naysayers who will never trust that a systems based on community and self regulation will ever work, and those like us who are proving every day that most people’s default is to cooperate to achieve mutual gain.

Rachel Bostman architect of the Collaborative Consumption (CC) movement and author of the ‘CC bible: “What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption” envisages a new system emerging of a ‘Trust currency’ where all the positive reviews, evidence of good deeds from different sites can be ‘banked’ as one cumulative total and transferred portably to new sites rather than contained within their own original market places. This therefore arms the new consumer with a new value and commodity based on trust and reputation. It’s early days but new site such as are realising this vision by aiming to be “The credit system of the Sharing economy” by helping users harness their ‘Cross Platform Reputation’. Look out also for a similar site www.PeerTru.St which will soon help you to accumulate ‘Trust brownie points.’ We presume that the converse of this will be those with a ‘bad credit rating’ who will not be able to escape their past deeds for previous misuses of trust. After all should someone blacklisted on EBay for their misdemeanours be able to set up a new squeaky clean profile elsewhere and rent someone else’s car on Whip Car? Or are we in danger of unfairly crushing peoples willingness to reform and refresh their identities should they wish to turn over a new leaf?

In the meantime, as we wait for the emergence of the new trust economy Stephen Rapoport co-founder of and a great friend to Storemates provides us with insight into how he tackles ‘the trust issue’ and uses a rather cute sandwich analogy to help us get to the ‘meat’ of matter – so to speak.

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