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Ben and Shaff, Storemates co-founders here…

A few years ago, we started Storemates on a shoestring. Now... after two years we have reached a critical crossroads in the company's history.

Storemates currently has over 2000 storage locations across the country, more than the self-storage industry put together and it is continuing to grow fast. Growth needs investment and we are reluctant to go the Venture Capital route. 

Instead we want you, people interested in Storemates and the Sharing Economy, to play a part in our future success and reap the reward of this future growth. 

We love the idea of our company being owned by its users. So for as little as £10 you can own a part of Storemates by investing via UK's number one, easy to use, FCA regulated Crowd Funding platform, 

Storemates fundraising on Seedrs

Why Invest?

We hope to disrupt the expensive £402M self-storage industry in the same way that low cost airlines have challenged the aviation industry.

By investing in Storemates, just before we take off, you will help us to improve our technology, marketing and customer service in order to meet what will be a huge demand for storage that is low cost, convenient and much more environmentally friendly. With your support, if we succeed in revolutionising the storage industry, you will win too.

Interested? Head over to our campaign now, and make use of your unique priority status before we launch to the rest of Europe.

Storemates fundraising on Seedrs

But don't delay, once our shares all go live to the public it will become first come first served.

Any questions drop us a line. We would be pleased to help.


Best wishes


Shaff and Ben


Storemates founders Shaff Prabatani and Ben Rogers