Welcome to all Findababysitter.com members!

Findababysitter.com photo on Storemates blogThank you all for completing the survey on Findababysitter.com! We hope you found the survey simple, it is really interesting for us to hear how people are maximising the use of their space.

Extra cash?  Yes please!

If you have spare space at home, you could be earning extra money by registering the space here, on Storemates.  List Your Space today by clicking the tab above.

Packed to the rafters?

If your home is packed to the rafters, or if extra family members are due to ascend over the holidays, you might benefit from searching for someone close-by with space in their home.  Like the idea of giving the kids somewhere to run around? Register above, enter your postcode, and click on each post to contact the owner – it’s that simple.

Because we care….and we can

Because Findababysitter.com cares so much about you guys, we’ve teamed up to offer the first two weeks of storage for free – wouldn’t that be handy over the Xmas period!

What next?

Simply enter the code ‘FAB2013’ while registering, and as soon as you find a storemate closeby, give them this code and they will not charge you for two weeks of the first month, because we’ll pay it for you.

Want more info, or have a question that’s not on the FAQ?  Just drop us an email at info@storemates.co.uk and we’ll get back to you super quick.


We hope this is the start of a fun new experience for you. We love it, and thousands of others do too.

See you soon,


The Storemates Team