We know that protecting your property and belongings is important to you, so for your complete peace of mind we provide you with cover for any losses incurred due to theft or damage up to £10,000.

The ‘Storemates Protection Guarantee’ acts as a safety net and uniquely covers both Storemates Users belongings as well as Hosts and their property. If you are faced with any losses or damages through no fault of your own but not able to receive compensation from a liable party or from any insurance or other scheme, you can make a claim to us.

If you need to make a claim on the Storemates Protection Guarantee please email us info@storemates.co.uk.

For more information please see our terms and conditions. Some restrictions apply.

A Community of Trust

Storemates takes the security of your belongings and property very seriously. We have built a community of trust where people collaborate for mutual benefit.

We have introduced a wide range of safety features to ensure you feel confident about using our service including:

  • Profile & Reviews - Get to know your Storemate through their detailed profiles and reviews.
  • Secure Messages – Secure messages are sent through the site so you can ask questions or check any details before agreeing to your storage arrangement.
  • Secure Payments - Storage Users pay through our site using Stripe with a credit card. This means we will take care of all the money stuff, allowing you to receive funds every month directly into your bank account.

It's also worth remembering when storing with a fellow Storemate, they will have a vested interest in looking after your belongings due to the regular income they will receive from you.