Gated car port

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Car-port, running the length of the house. Well covered, and lit but it cannot be described as 'water-tight' - strong winds will blow rain / snow into the car-port so anything stored there will need to be kept in watertight containers if it is not designed to be used outdoors.

The car-port is lit, and you can have a key for access.

You've got nearly 30' of length and access is about 8' wide and 8' high. Inside you have a height of 10' or 11'.

It is gated at the front and fenced off at the side.
It open at the rear, onto my garden.

  • 24 hr access
  • Own keys
  • Loading/unloading parking
  • Secure
  • Help with loading
  • Well lit area
  • Someone usually at home
Ideal for
  • Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Sports equipment
  • Student storage
  • General household items
  • Commecial & Business storage
  • Bikes
  • Clothes/Bedding